Lethbridge College offers a wealth of high-quality trades programming to all learners, regardless of your level of experience in the industry. Whether you are just beginning to explore the trades, are looking to apprentice, or even if you just want to learn a new skill, we can help.

Credit Programs

Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician
Automotive Systems
Culinary Arts
Wind Turbine Technician

Pre-Employment Trades Training

Pre-Employment Electrician
Pre-Employment Plumber
Pre-Employment Powerline Technician
Pre-Employment Welder


Apprenticeship programs involve 8-12 weeks of classroom training per year.

Weekly Apprenticeship Training System (WATS) programs involve one day of training at Lethbridge College per week throughout the length of the program.

Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship
Baker Apprenticeship
Carpenter Apprenticeship 
Electrician Apprenticeship
Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship
Parts Technician Apprenticeship
Plumber Apprenticeship
Welder Apprenticeship
Welder – Wire Process Operator