Ready to Grow

Do you want to be part of the industry that grows, harvests and produces the food we need? Do you wonder how we’ll feed a growing population?

The possibilities in agriculture are endless from finance, research and innovation to repairing the machines that can keep our farms running. You don’t need to be a farm kid to have a future in agriculture. You can get your start in this growing industry right here.

You’ll learn from highly skilled, experienced instructors, getting the classroom theory you need and the opportunity to put that learning into practice in the real world.


the average annual salary of a livestock producer, poultry producer or agriculture manager


“Alberta’s agri-food industry is a gentle giant that’s about to awaken.”

- The Simpson Centre for Agriculture and Food Innovation and Public Education, University of Calgary School of Public Policy Pre-Publication Series, July 2021


Career Paths

Students in our agriculture programs have found success in the following careers:

  • Agricultural Research
  • Agri-Business
  • Agri-Services
  • Farm Finance
  • Farming
  • Ranching
  • Agricultural Equipment Service


Wondering if a career in agriculture is right for you?

It might be - if you are passionate about safe, secure and sustainable food supplies, are energized by scientific developments and discoveries or excel at using your hands to fix and repair a variety of items. And if you still have questions, connect with an academic advisor and they can help provide the direction and answers you’re looking for.


Consider agriculture if you:

  • excel at using your hands to fix and repair a variety of items
  • enjoy working independently or as a team
  • are energized by scientific developments and discoveries
  • are passionate about safe, secure and sustainable food supplies

The Ag industry is the largest employer in Southern Alberta


Home of the Western Tractor Technology Lab

An advanced agriculture room with industry-leading technology


Learn in our award-winning 168,812 square foot Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility

If you’re ready to get started on your future in agriculture, Lethbridge College is the best place to be for an industry-leading education.

You’ll get to work with a wide variety of different producers, from the small specialty farmer to the large commercial operation, all of whom can give you insights into what it really takes to flourish in the industry.

Agriculture Sciences


In Lethbridge College’s Agriculture Sciences program, your typical workspace will also include a benchtop, a laptop and a tailgate. Start your studies in a common first year of Agriculture Sciences and then specialize in your area of interest in the second year.

Requirements: High school diploma and Grade 12 English (30-1 or 30-2) and Grade 12 Math (30-1 or 30-2)

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Bachelor Of Agriculture Science (BAgSc)


Be ready to grow in a one-of-a-kind degree program, where you’ll receive a unique agriculture education that combines the fundamentals of plant and soil science, the reality of growing-condition variation, and the application of modern precision agriculture techniques. Four full years of science-based training, bolstered by applied research opportunities and industry partnerships that prepare you for the workplace or graduate studies.

Requirements: Grade 12 English (30-1 or 30-2), Grade 12 Math (30-1 or 30-2), Grade 12 Biology (30) and Grade 12 Chemistry (30)

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Commercial Greenhouse Technician


You’ll receive training in the basics of greenhouse design and management, including plant physiology, pest identification and nutrient management. You’ll supplement your classroom or online learning with work-integrated learning at a greenhouse where you’ll put theory to practice.

*Pending government approval

Requirements: Grade 10 English (10-2) and Grade 10 Math (10-3)

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Would you rather spend your time in the shop than in the field?

Our Agricultural Equipment Technician programs give you the skills to service and repair the machinery that farms depend on.

Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician


Build a successful career in agricultural and/or heavy-duty equipment repair. In 32 weeks – just two semesters – you’ll get foundational training that teaches you suspensions and powertrains, fuel systems, mobile hydraulics and everything in between. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be able to write apprenticeship exams for the first two years of Agricultural Equipment Technician or Heavy Equipment Technician.

Requirements: Grade 11 English (20-1 or 20-2) and Grade 11 Math (20-1 or 20-2)

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Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship


Gain the skills required to work on equipment used in the agricultural industry such as tillage, seeding and harvesting equipment as well as tractors. Our apprenticeship program will give you the confidence to assemble, adjust, service and repair equipment effectively.

Requirements: Grade 11 English (20-2) and Grade 11 Math (20-3) and Grade 10 Science (10) or Entrance Exam

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