Lethbridge College has launched LC Extension, southern Alberta’s learning solution partner. Whether it’s individuals looking to expand their professional abilities or personal interests, or businesses interested in upskilling their team’s knowledge or skills, LC Extension is ready to provide opportunities and solutions.

LC Extension builds on the offerings previously offered by the college’s Corporate and Continuing Education department but has extended its focus to meeting the needs of southern Albertans and the region’s businesses and organizations.

“We are proud of the high-quality education Lethbridge College has provided for more than 60 years,” says Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College President and CEO. “LC Extension builds on the traditional post-secondary educational experience to meet the needs of an ever-changing provincial economy. Employees and employers require flexible options to add new or upgraded skills like never before, and LC Extension provides those real-world opportunities.”

The work of LC Extension is already underway, as over the past year it has offered 43 unique continuing education courses, created 21 custom corporate training sessions and provided more than 2,400 students with training. A unique part of the custom training provided by LC Extension is its collaborative work with the college’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) to develop curriculum. This work means courses and customized training offered by LC Extension are subject to the same rigour as the college’s traditional programs.

“The collaboration with CTLI really sets LC Extension apart in its ability to offer training and programs that put the learner first and offer clear, trackable learning outcomes,” says Dr. Samantha Lenci, Lethbridge College Provost and Vice President – Academic. “Employers already trust Lethbridge College to produce the graduates they hire, and we want them to trust that we will provide the same quality experiences when it comes to new skills or training needed to benefit their businesses. We are experts in education, and we invite anyone looking for solutions to their business needs to contact LC Extension.”

Jason Donkersgoed, Director of Business Development, Lethbridge College

Jason Donkersgoed has overseen the development of LC Extension since joining Lethbridge College in February 2021 as Director of Business Development. With a background in leadership and business development in the private industry sector, Donkersgoed sees the value in providing employers, employees and those looking for new opportunities with meaningful and flexible training options that help everyone thrive.

“Our services inspire and facilitate learning and innovation by connecting clients to timely solutions to meet complex and rapidly changing needs,” says Donkersgoed. “LC Extension extends Lethbridge College’s excellent approach to teaching and learning beyond our campus and our academic and trades students. By providing upskilling and reskilling, we can help teams and organizations thrive. Our need to learn never ends.”

LC Extension offers and develops courses, microcredentials and other custom-training options for businesses of all sizes. Cavendish Farms, the City of Lethbridge, McCain and the Canadian Mental Health Association are among the organizations that have already partnered with the college to provide training to their employees.

LC Extension continues to offer over 40 continuing education courses in areas as varied as business and professional development, leadership, creativity, innovation, hybrid teamwork, cooking, safety and first aid, sign language and much more.

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