Dr. Paula Burns

With the violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the rise in protests in communities around the world this past week, I want to reach out this morning to reaffirm Lethbridge College’s commitment to fighting racism on our campus and within our community. We stand in solidarity with our Black students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, and we condemn the ongoing subtle and overt racism experienced by Black people – and all too often in our community, also by Indigenous people – every day.

Everyone has a right to an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. This is a time where, as an educational institution, it is especially essential that we listen, learn and add our voices. Our diversity is our strength. We cannot be silent in the face of injustice.

I am grateful for the work happening on our own campus with the Dimensions pilot program. As part of this two-year project, we are evaluating what our college is already doing to promote equity, diversity and inclusion on campus, and identifying areas in need of improvement. It is clear – now more than ever – that these important issues must be addressed.

If you find you need support during these tumultuous times, please remember our Shepell counselling services are here for students and employees.

Our brand talks about how Lethbridge College is more than bricks and mortar – that we are a place of people coming together.

And there is a place here for everyone.