Lethbridge College is guided by the work of members of the College Leadership Council (CLC) and Deans’ Council.  CLC helps shape the college’s strategic direction and provide leadership on significant college-wide initiatives, while the Deans' Council provides planning, management, supervision, and accountability for all academic matters at Lethbridge College.

College Leadership Council

The College Leadership Council is a senior decision-making body responsible for the overall operations of the college, including financial and operational results, as well as administrative policy development, approval and renewal. CLC provides institutionally-focused and diverse perspectives to contribute to strategy development and support the implementation of the Comprehensive Institutional Plan and the achievement of performance measures.

Who we are

CLC consists of members of the executive leadership team as well as the associate vice president, deans, directors and other college leaders with college-wide responsibilities. Members include:

  • Sheldon Anderson, Dean, Centre for Trades
  • Deb Bardock, Dean, Centre for Health and Wellness
  • Paula Burns, President and CEO
  • Shelley Carter-Rose, Director, Student Services
  • Kenny Corscadden, Assoc. VP Research and Dean, Centre for Technology, Environment & Design
  • Jackie Doherty, Dean, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation
  • Sandra Dufresne, Director, External Relations and Community Engagement
  • Bonnie Farries, Director, Institutional Planning
  • Brian Freeman, Manager, Marketing and Web Services
  • Line Gagne, Manager, Human Resources
  • Simon Griffiths, Vice President Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer
  • Marko Hilgersom, Registrar
  • Sam Lenci, Provost and Vice President Academic
  • Lee Lively, Director, Facilities Management
  • Heather Lyon, Director, Financial Services
  • Matt Norton, Director, Information Technology Services
  • Karla Pyrch, Director, Corporate and Continuing Education
  • Coreen Roth, Vice President, People and Planning
  • Jeanine Webber, Dean, Centre for Justice and Human Services

Deans’ Council

Deans’ Council provides a broad and comprehensive approach to planning, coordination, policy formulation, communication, and program decisions within the college’s values framework of people, excellence and student success. This work includes but is not limited to responsibility for developing policies and procedures that govern instructional programs and the academic life of the college.  

Deans’ Council provides leadership to the college community for teaching, learning, and service to students. It is responsible to advise the vice president academic in all matters that pertain to the effective and efficient operation of the academic portfolio.  

Who we are

  • Samantha Lenci, Provost and Vice President Academic
  • Kenny Corscadden, Associate VP Research and Dean, Centre for Technology, Environment & Design
  • Tim Heath, Dean, Centre for Applied Arts & Sciences
  • Calvin Whitehead, Interim Dean, Centre for Business, Trades & Apprenticeship
  • Debra Bardock, Dean, Centre for Health & Wellness
  • Jeanine Webber, Dean, Centre for Justice and Human Services
  • Jackie Doherty, Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation
  • Shelley Carter-Rose, Director of Student Services
  • Marko Hilgersom, Registrar