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Why are Women Under-Represented within Leadership positions in Corrections?

Research Theme
Justice and Public Safety
Lead Researcher
Dr. Jeanine Webber
Duration of Project
Ibrahim Turay
Project Description

We are exploring why women are under-represented in leadership roles within the Alberta Correctional Services Division despite the Division's commitment to diversity and inclusion. We hope to accomplish the following objectives with this study. Firstly, we seek to identify the barriers/perceived barriers, preventing women from ascending to leadership positions. Secondly, we seek to identify the key resources women require to support their leadership aspirations in the Division. Thirdly, we seek to identify the pathways that have proven effective for women to become involved in leadership experiences. Finally, we seek to document the experiences of women who are in leadership positions within the Division. The results of this study will provide direction and insights to the Division as they work to enhance the leadership opportunities for women.