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Spatial Technologies Applied Research & Training (START) Centre

Research Theme
Business and Technology
Lead Researcher
Mike McCready
Duration of Project
Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) College​-Industry Innovation Fund (CIIF) Stream 1​​​
Project Description

Although multiple industries are exploring the integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies into their operations to enhance employee safety, improve business process efficiency, and reduce costs, many companies lack the expertise and equipment to articulate a vision and develop immersive experiences. This CFI investment will enable Lethbridge College's Spatial Technologies AppliedResearch and Training (START) Centre to address this gap. START will partner with Southern Alberta technology companies and community organizations across multiple sectors to develop and implement VR/AR applications. START projects will deliver products and services that improve operations of Southern Alberta organizations and revenues of Southern Alberta technology companies. This CFI investment will enable businesses across key sectors to: (i) Conduct partnership-based applied research projects that solve real-world problems using spatial technologies; (ii) Develop spatial technologies that can be commercialized; (iii) Integrate spatial technologies into business models, supply chains and manufacturing processes; (iv) Access cutting-edge extended reality technology, expertise and best practices; and (v) Provide experiential learning opportunities to Lethbridge College's students, enabling them to gain relevant industry, scientific, technical, discipline and professional skills that accelerate their transition into the job market.​