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Henderson Lake Water Quality Monitoring

Research Theme
Agriculture, Food and Environment
Lead Researcher
John Derksen
Duration of Project
City of Lethbridge
City of Lethbridge
Areas of Expertise
Water Quality
Project Description

In the years following Phoslock treatment and initiation of lake aeration, Henderson Lake was again monitored biweekly for water quality, nutrients and algae abundance.

Since 2018, the water temperatures and dissolved oxygen in Henderson Lake have been quite stable, as compared to years previous. Lake bottom water temperatures have been stable over time with dissolved oxygen trending up. Mean substrate depth and organic content was slightly higher in 2021 from the year previous but compared well to the 10-year mean.

Lake surface ammonia was stable and low and total phosphorous concentrations were quite stable. The overall phytoplankton abundance was low in comparison to previous years.

The combination of maintained dissolved oxygen during summer stratification, reduced nutrients and algae abundance, with no incidence of blooms, moderate organics and reduced substrate depth, and overall enhanced water clarity are general trends being realized in Henderson Lake over the last decade of monitoring.

The associated impacts of lake management strategies are being measured in cumulative lake water quality and aesthetic improvements. Seasonal summer monitoring continues to be implemented.