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Determination Of The Efficacy Of Nitrogen Injection/Gassing To Prevent Oxidation In Prepared Artisan Mustard

Research Theme
Agriculture, Food and Environment
Lead Researcher
Rob Sonnenberg
Duration of Project
NSERC Engage 
Luco Farms
Project Description

Culinary Careers at Lethbridge College has been working with food producers for more than 25 years, providing insight and support for our partners. In addition to menu development, quality testing and yield testing, the applied research area of Culinary Careers has recently been involved with organoleptic research on fish and produce (Integrated Fish and Plant Systems IFPS) and the value-added food product development of haskap berries (Lonicera caerulea).

Luco Farms has developed a line of artisan mustard formulations and have slowly been expanding their business in Southern Alberta. Before expanding their operations further, Luco Farms wants to reduce the discoloration that commonly occurs in their prepared artisan mustard product. Therefore, Lethbridge College is partnering with Luco Farms to develop methods which can help to reduce the discoloration in their prepared mustard without the use of artificial additives. Nitrogen injection/gassing may be a technology that can be used for this purpose.