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Do you have a passion for food and cooking? Do you appreciate a finely crafted meal or dessert?

If the Food Channel is your go-to entertainment, you have a keen sense of taste and smell, and you are energized in fast-paced situations, consider Culinary. Learn from award-winning chefs with industry experience who know the tremendous satisfaction of crafting delicious and nutritious food.

You’ll learn from highly skilled, experienced instructors, getting the classroom theory you need and the opportunity to put that learning into practice in the real world.

All three of our programs can lead to a Red Seal designation



Bakers currently working in Alberta


480 hrs

Paid industry work placement as part of our Culinary Arts program

Career paths

Students in our culinary programs have found success in the following careers:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail and wholesale bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Catering companies
  • Hotels
  • Working camps

Wondering if a culinary career is right for you?

While the jobs in the Culinary field are varied, the people who choose them have a few things in common: they tend to thrive in creative, fast-paced settings and get energy from being part of a team. You can turn your passion for nourishing others into a rewarding career by starting at Lethbridge College. You’ll be joining a long and proud group of alumni who are making some of the most memorable meals to be found. 

Consider Culinary Programs if you:

  • possess a keen sense of taste and smell
  • have excellent hand-eye coordination and can remain calm in hectic situations
  • have a good memory for details
  • have a passion for food and cooking

“Going through the Lethbridge College program for cooking was such a fun adventure. I was endlessly challenged and given a place I could truly unleash my creativity.”

- Kristy Olsen   
Culinary Careers 2013   
Cook Apprentice 2015   
Baker Apprentice 2023


“Lethbridge College has given me many career opportunities. With an easy application process, knowledgeable instructors, and great resources, I am living my dreams and following my career path.”

- Jaycie Fletcher   
Baker Apprenticeship 2021

Behind those tantalizing Instagram photos of food is a chef who creates edible works of art on a daily basis. Lethbridge college’s culinary programs will have you quickly on your journey to a career as a chef, cook, baker, restaurant manager or another rewarding and challenging position in the culinary world. With exceptional instruction and plenty of hands-on opportunities, our culinary graduates have a record of landing that important first job.

Culinary Arts


As well-planned as a gourmet meal, our Culinary Arts program starts you off with restaurant production methods before moving onto sweet and savoury techniques. For the main course, you’ll be immersed in creating and preparing dining-room cuisine in our on-campus Garden Court Restaurant. And to finish it all off, we’ll serve up a paid industry placement. Students have the ability to earn their Red Seal designation after completing this program.

Requirements: Grade 10 English (10) and Grade 10 Math (10)

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* If already employed in the culinary industry, students can also take our Cook Apprenticeship Program (WATS).

Cook Appreticeship (WATS*)


As a cook in the WATS program, you’ll be working full-time in the industry while coming to classes one day each week. You’ll learn about preparing, seasoning and cooking a variety of foods, as well as baking pastries and showpieces. You’ll also exercise your organizational skills to be ready to write the Red Seal exam.

Requirements: Grade 10 English (10-2) and Grade 10 Math (10-3) or pass mark in GED tests or Entrance Exam.

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*  Weekly Apprenticeship Training System (WATS) programs involve one day of training per week at Lethbridge College throughout the length of the program. 

Baker Apprenticeship


Lethbridge College offers our Baker Apprenticeship program in a hyflex format. That means you can take your first four weeks of theory courses either in person or online – whatever works best for you. You’ll follow that with an intensive four-week program of hands-on learning in our campus bakery. 

Requirements: Grade 10 English (10-2) and Grade 10 Math (10-3) or pass mark in GED tests or Entrance Exam

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