Paul Kingsmith

news-archive-southland-funding-announcement.jpgLethbridge College announced a $100,000 gift today from Southland International Trucks Ltd.

The gift will create an annual student award for parts technician training and support the college’s Trades and Technology Renewal and Innovation Project (TTRIP) through the establishment of the Southland International Trucks Ltd. Heavy Equipment Bay within the Crooks School of Transportation.

“Partnering with Lethbridge College is a great fit for us, as a typical year usually sees 20 per cent of my staff taking apprenticeship training and other programming at the college,” says Southland International Trucks Ltd. owner George Kirkham. “Supporting the education of the people who work for me and utilize my business is incredibly important to me as it works towards meeting the demand of skilled tradespeople within our community and province.”

The creation and ongoing support of partnerships like the one announced Wednesday change the learning experience of Lethbridge College students for the better. The college’s collaboration with Southland will make a difference to individual students as well as to all students involved in heavy equipment technician and parts technician training and other trades programs. Alliances like this further enhance the college’s goal of providing the best education and training possible to today’s students and tomorrow’s professionals.

“Lethbridge College continues to work with industry leaders like Southland International Trucks Ltd. to forge partnerships that further our vision of providing world-class education and training through our commitment to excellence and innovation,” says Lethbridge College President and CEO, Dr. Paula Burns. “As so many of our alumni attest, providing opportunities to gain tangible practice in their chosen professions can shape their futures for the better.  And building relationships across a broad spectrum has provided the college with stability and support and ensured the institution will be heading in a good direction for decades to come.”

Southland International Trucks Ltd. was founded in 1985 and owner George Kirkham has more than 30 years in the industry. The company is the longest running truck and trailer dealership in Lethbridge. Southland International Trucks Ltd. boasts transportation packages to suit all needs, as well as 14 repair bays, two dedicated lube bays and an easy access parts inventory.

George Kirkham has the largest International history collection and museum in western Canada including over 45 International antique trucks that he has restored and showcases annually.