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When asked to offer their opinions on a proposal before Lethbridge City Council that would allow for a maximum of four hens to be kept on residential property in Lethbridge a clear majority of residents are opposed (58.6%). Slightly more than two of every five Lethbridge resident are supportive (41.4%).

  • Opposition is much more intense than is support. For example, nearly two of every five residents are strongly opposed (37.9%) while a further one in five (20.8%) is somewhat opposed. Conversely, most of the support is moderate (25.9%) compared to only 15.4% strong support.

More than two-thirds (70.1%) of residents do not want tax dollars spent to implement and administer and urban hen program.

  • Nearly half of all residents (49.5%) are strongly opposed to using tax dollars in support of an urban hen program while a further one-fifth (20.6%) are somewhat opposed. Fewer than one in ten Lethbridge residents (8.0%) are strongly support while approximately one in five residents are somewhat supportive (21.9%).

Few Lethbridge residents (3.9%) are very likely to keep hens on their property if council allows backyard chickens. Nearly three-quarters are very unlikely to keep backyard chickens (73.7%).

  • A further one in ten (10.2%) is somewhat likely to keep hens should they be allowed while a similar amount (12.3%) is somewhat unlikely to want to raise urban hens.

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