Lethbridge College offers a wide range of program awards to suite diverse interests, and we’re always adding more awards. When you fill out our online application, you will be matched to various awards' criteria. Your application will then be reviewed for any awards you are deemed eligible for.

Meszaros Award

Students who are Permanent Residents may benefit from a recently-established award by Lethbridge College alumnus and accomplished builder Steve Meszaros.

The Steve Meszaros Award makes a world-class education at Lethbridge College a reality for students who have immigrated to Canada and achieved Permanent Resident status.

When announcing his gift to the college in 2014, Meszaros said that Lethbridge College gave him his start in life, and he feels an obligation to give back. With this award, he hopes to help young people from around the world come to Canada and add their strong work ethic and values to the country.

In addition, Canadian students benefit from having a diverse campus – whether that diversity is found in students who come from small towns, big cities, other provinces or different countries.

New award highlights

  • Bruce McKillop Awards
    • Awarded to both entering and continuing students in a variety of programs (with a focus on Digital Communications and Interior Design Technology). (6 at $1000)
  • Lethbridge College High School Division Entrance Scholarships
    • Awarded to students entering the college from Southern Alberta School divisions for highest academic achievement (proportional disbursements based on enrolment) . (30 at $1,000)
  • Lethbridge College International Scholarships
    • Awarded to (full-time) international awards applicant continuing in their programs at Lethbridge College on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. This award is to be spread proportionately across academic centres.(10 at $2,000)
  • Pheasants Forever Calgary Award
    • Awarded to continuing (full-time) international awards applicants on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. (2 at $1,500)
  • Southern Alberta Ethnic Association Scholarships
    • Awarded to a Lethbridge College student who has demonstrated high academic achievement in the first year of a post-secondary  program and is continuing into the second year of the same program. Recipients must be permanent residents of Canada or first generation immigrants who are Canadian citizens. (2 at $2,500)
  • 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union Agriculture Business Award
    • Awarded to a continuing Agricultural Business student who is a long-term resident of Southern Alberta and who demonstrates financial need. Of these the award will go to the student who faculty feels has best demonstrated communication skills and leadership, a strong work ethic, integrity and team building qualities in the classroom and/or the community. (2 @ $1,000)
  • Henry S. Varley Awards
    • Awarded to continuing full-time students demonstrating financial need who are residents or descendants of rural Alberta residents of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta. This area includes Nanton in the north, Waterton in the south, Grassy Lake in the east and Crowsnest Pass in the west. Applicants should have made clear their plans as they relate to their commitment to establish their careers and homes in rural southwestern Alberta.(Agriculture Sciences - 5 @ $2,500, Business - 2 @ $2,500, Environmental Sciences 2 @ $2,500 and Nursing 1 @ $2,500)
  • Rita Simons Memorial Awards
    • For continuing students in trades and mature and Indigenous students in post-secondary programs (multiple awards @ $2,500)