A variety of external awards are listed below, though this list is limited. External awards opportunities exist in too many places for us to provide you with a comprehensive list. We encourage you to register with yconic.com for more options tailored to you.

Also, if you are an Alberta resident (more than 12 months residency prior to being a post-secondary student) you should have a look at provincial scholarship opportunities.

Awards for women

CEMF Awards for Women in Engineering

Live Your Dream Awards

Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women

Women in Apprenticeship training that is traditionally male dominated may apply for this government of Canada incentive (non-traditional/under-represented)


Awards for LGBTQ students
Awards for Indigenous students

You'll find a complete listing of available Indigenous scholarships and awards in the Indigenous Services section of our website.

Students pursuing clean energy related certificates/diplomas may be interested in this $3000 award from Blue Earth

Awards for Digital Communications and Media students
Awards for Early Childhood Education students
Awards for Geomatics/Engineering students