Steve has established one of the region’s most successful and sustainable businesses, supports the training and development of young trades people, and gives back to the community in many public and behind-the-scenes ways. He is a founder and co-owner of Avonlea Homes, which today is known for its commitment to environmentally-friendly and energy efficient components and designs. He and his company support many community organizations, including St. Michael’s Health Centre, Lethbridge Regional Hospital, and Senator Buchanan and Galbraith elementary schools, and employ many of the journeyman trades people who study at the college.



Diane was chosen for her success in the design, delivery and leadership of emergency care services in Southern Alberta. In particular, she was praised for her leadership in an initiative to improve the access and flow of patients through the hospital system. This initiative impacted wait times throughout the Chinook Regional Hospital, but specifically in the Emergency Department, which has resulted in that department having the shortest wait times in the province. She is a trusted mentor to young nurses, generously sharing her experiences and enthusiasm for nursing with those who are just starting their careers.



Rod McLeod - (Child and Youth Care ‘03) Rod was chosen for his success in collaborative projects, for his motivation, dedication, leadership and initiative, and for his work for and with Alberta youth. In addition to working at Family Ties Association, where at 75 he has been recognized as the oldest Child and Youth Care worker in the city, he is also a foster parent, a Métis Elder for the Métis Local 2003, and an advisor to students as an Elder for the First Nations Métis Inuit cultural support program at Lethbridge College.