Alumni Association's Distinguished Alumnus' Road to Success Paved with Asphalt


Lethbridge Community College Alumni Association has named Art Johnston (Civil Engineering Technology 1987) its 2005 Distinguished Alumnus.

Art expressed his pride in receiving the award through a quote from former college football coach Joe Paterno; "Success without honour is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it wonít taste as good."

Art added, "Iíd like to thank those that sponsored and supported my nomination for this award, and the Alumni Association Board of Directors, for a very memorable and satisfying ëmealí."

Since graduation, Art has been with EBA Engineering Consultants, and is now the firmís Principal Consultant, Materials and Pavement. His expertise in asphaltic pavement materials, highway design and construction has led him to high-profile engineering projects throughout Canada, including the Confederation Bridge.

Art provides professional advice to City of Lethbridge Infrastructure Services, helping this city to become an industry leader.

He is sought after as a guest speaker, and has co-authored numerous award-winning technical publications on pavement research and construction topics. Through his success in the industry, Art has remained connected to Lethbridge Community College. He is considered an ambassador for the program, and has remained a link between industry and education.

"I believe it was a natural progression to remain involved with the Civil Engineering program after graduation," Art said. "I very much enjoy being a guest lecturer and providing whatever assistance I can to the faculty."

Since graduation, he has been a member of the Collegeís Civil Engineering Technology Advisory Committee, helping to shape the evolution of the program. Due to the national accreditation requirements (with the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board) the program goes through a major review every two years to meet the ever-changing knowledge base and technological advancements made in the field.

"Art has had a real impact on the Civil Engineering Technology program and is key to our reputation and success," said Jerry Johnson, LCC faculty member and Artís nominator.

Art said his involvement with the program has been rewarding, and he has enjoyed being a part of its achievements throughout the years.

"I fondly remember the intellectual challenges offered by the faculty and my fellow students, and the satisfaction of meeting those challenges remains fundamental to my career," said Art.

Art received his award at a dinner the Lethbridge Community College Alumni Association hosted in his honour on April 26, 2005.