Canadian High School Transcripts

Alberta High School Transcripts

If you attended high school in Alberta, Lethbridge College will request transcripts on your behalf at the point of application.

Outside Alberta High School Transcripts

Did you attend high school outside of Alberta? If so, see which courses you completed that are equivalent to the necessary Alberta high school course.

You can request your transcripts directly from the high school you attended if you live in:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • P.E.I.

Note: The high school must send your official transcripts directly to Lethbridge College in a sealed envelope.

If your province isn’t listed above, use the following links to find instructions on how to order your transcripts. 

Submitting Transcripts After Your Application is Submitted

If you didn’t submit your transcripts during your application, you can submit them by completing the following:

  • Log into Self Service
  • click the main menu in the top left
  • click User Options then Required Documents
  • under the column Attachment, click Manage to begin to upload your documents

Note: Admissions is automatically notified once you upload your documents.


Canadian Post-Secondary Transcripts

Transcripts from post-secondary institutions can be accepted digitally if sent to Lethbridge College directly from the institution or by mail. If received by mail, the transcript must be issued in a sealed envelope, signed by the institution and bear the official seal. At your request, an official transcript is sent directly from the institution to the Admissions Office at Lethbridge College.

Retention of Admissions Documents

Any information concerning you, including all documentation provided in support of your application, is kept confidential. Only upon your written authorization is your information released to third parties. For more information, read our Records Management Policy.

All transcripts submitted to the college become the property of Lethbridge College. Neither the original transcript nor copies will be released to you or anyone outside the college.

Transcripts and other supporting documentation of all applicants who are not admitted or who do not attend are destroyed. If you wish to re-apply at a later date, a new set of documents must be supplied.