Welcome to Lethbridge College, where Academic Integrity isn't just a policy—it's a commitment we all share. Our mission is to educate and cultivate an environment of trust, fairness, and respect.

Here, you'll find a comprehensive policy that defines your rights and responsibilities as a student and procedures for investigating any allegations of misconduct, whether academic or non-academic. These guidelines are supplemented by other college regulations, the academic calendar, and residence agreements to provide a holistic approach to student conduct.

But we don't stop at policy. We're proud to offer a detailed guidebook designed for students and staff that underscores the importance of Academic Integrity. This guidebook outlines how we identify and address academic misconduct, ensuring everyone is held to the same high standard of ethical conduct.

Why do we emphasize Academic Integrity? Because it's vital to the quality of the education we offer and the community we're building together. As a student, you're not just responsible for upholding these principles; they also protect you. Our guidelines are designed to secure your rights and outline a code of conduct that ensures fair treatment.

Join us in upholding a tradition of excellence and ethical responsibility. Together, we create an educational experience that respects individuality while promoting a collective standard of integrity.

Academic Integrity Guide
Student rights and code of conduct policy