XR Industry Capstone

VXR-1195 (3.00 credits)

A 120-hour production course that brings together the technical skills and design experience learned throughout the program into an industry focused capstone project. In consultation with their instructors, students will propose a final extended reality project to be completed during the 6-week intensive term. Throughout the term, students will have access to mentorship and studio equipment, and will develop and document their project. At the end of the term, students will highlight the resulting experiences at Lethbridge College's annual Merging Realities event. Not available for supplemental.

Work Integrated Learning (3)

Equivalent to VXR-1195W.

Requisite courses: Take VXR-1161 (Required, Previous). Take VXR-1165 (Required, Previous). Take VXR-1171 (Required, Previous). Take VXR-1181 (Required, Previous). Take BUS-1177 (Required, Previous).