TRG-2299 Advanced Practicum II - 6.00 credits

TRG-2299  Advanced Practicum II  (6 Credits)  A 320-hour advanced practical application of theoretical concepts under the supervision of a therapeutic recreation professional within a pre-approved facility that provides care for seniors. Competency in the therapeutic recreation process and practice is demonstrated. Emphasis on the development of administrative and leadership skills in therapeutic recreation practice, as well as employment of professional standards of practice. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment. Graded: Pass/Fail.Work Integrated Learning (6.0)Equivalent to TRG-2299W.Requisite courses: Take TRG-2253 (Required, Previous). Take TRG-2256 (Required, Previous). Take TRG-2260 (Required, Previous). Take TRG-2268 (Required, Previous).