PNG-1167 Health Assessment - 3.00 credits

PNG-1167 Health Assessment (3 Credits) Focus is on developing knowledge of the core principles and skills needed for holistic health assessment through opportunities for theoretical and practical application. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (2.0), Lab (2.0)Equivalent to NSG-1167, NSG-167.Requisite courses: Take PNG-1145 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1146 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1147 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1147 (Required, Previous). TAKE BIO-1160 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-1148 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1149 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1154W (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1159 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1167L (Required, Concurrent).