HCA-1135 Meeting Complex Care Needs - 6.00 credits

HCA-1135  Meeting Complex Care Needs  (6 Credits)  This course builds on the foundational skills and concepts introduced in previous courses and also introduces new skills to the learner. Learners will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge to learn advanced skills such as active and passive range-of-motion exercises, wound care, tube feeds, catheter care, ostomy care, specimen collection, and respiratory care. In addition, accurate measurement of vital signs is demonstrated, practised, and assessed. This course will also assist learners to work safely within the legal roles and responsibilities of health care aides in the province while providing medication assistance. This course is included in the HCA Preparation for Employment provincial standard. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (1.5), Lab (3.5)Requisite courses: Take HCA-1130 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1131 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1132 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1133 (Required, Previous). Take HCA-1134 (Required, Previous). Take HCA-1136 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1135L (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1137W (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1138W (Required, Concurrent).