GEO-1185 Geodetic Fundamentals - 3.00 credits

GEO-1185 Geodetic Fundamentals (3 Credits) An introduction to fundamental concepts of geodesy. A study of the concepts and methods concerned with the determination of the size and shape of the Earth. Topics of discussion include horizontal and vertical datum, gravity, centrifugal forces, different measurements of time, separation of the geoid and ellipsoid, deflection of the vertical, and different height systems. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) will be introduced. Geodetic topics will be applied to GNSS and other geomatics applications. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (6.0)Equivalent to GEO-1182, GEO-182, GEO-180, GEO-270.Requisite courses: Take SUR-1150 (Required, Previous).