FWK-2280 Field Work Practicum - 3.00 credits

FWK-2280  Field Work Practicum  (3 Credits)  This course provides an opportunity for students to identify, experience, and examine real world problems that are existent in their communities. Through work integrated learning, students will work together with community stakeholders who are responsible for dealing with these complex issues and ensuring the safety of their communities. The student will be able to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become successful in their chosen field. Students should note that a practicum placement may require the student to work various shifts that may occur through day, afternoon and evenings. Not available for supplemental.Work Integrated Learning (5.0)Equivalent to FWK-2272W, FWK-2280W, FWK-2272, FWK-2273, CJP-2252, FWK-272, FWK-273, CJP-272, CJP-273.Requisite courses: Take CJP-1177 (Required, Previous).