Survey of Canadian Literature

ENG-1180 (3.00 credits)

This course introduces students to the Canadian literary tradition through a sampling of major authors and their works in the three main literary genres of poetry, fiction and drama. Some early works will be considered; however, emphasis will be on the significant works of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Works are chosen primarily from English-Canadian authors. Works and authors will be discussed in the context of major trends in Canadian literature, such as the development of Modern and Post-Modern styles of writing. In addition, some major themes and concerns predominant in Canadian literature will be considered. Students will read assigned poems, short stories, novels and plays. In addition, they will be required to seek out and read considerable critical commentary and other resource materials. Students will write tests on each course unit, as well as essays of literary analysis and interpretation. Service Learning opportunity may be available. Not available for supplemental.

Instruction (3)

Equivalent to ENG-180.