AST-1119 Basic Automotive Electrical I - 3.00 credits

AST-1119  Basic Automotive Electrical I  (3 Credits)  Students will study electrical theory including electron theory, voltage, current, resistance, circuits, circuit faults and magnetism. Solid-state components such as diodes and transistors will be explored. Some simple automotive circuits, as well as automotive batteries, will be discussed and tested. Diagnostic skills will be stressed. Practical work will be performed in the shop where possible using various testing tools including volt meters and scan tools. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.Instruction (3.0), Lab (3.0)Equivalent to AST-119.Requisite courses: Take AST-1119L (Required, Concurrent). Take AST-1116 (Required, Concurrent). Take AST-1122 (Required, Concurrent).