Students with documented permanent disabilities can access disability-related funding from Canada Student Loans or Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE). If you plan on pursuing funding from either source, you should make an appointment with the Accessibility Services office to provide documentation, review academic support needs and submit applications to the appropriate funding bodies.

You can find additional information on the Documentation page as well as in the Overview of Disability Grant Funding and Documentation Requirements PDF.

Canada Student Loans

For students with disabilities who qualify for at least $1 in student loan funding, there are two grants available:

  • Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities
    • This $2,000 grant is awarded each year of study and goes directly to you for education and living costs.
  • Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment
    • These monies are provided for specific services and equipment required for the student, based on the disability impact as identified in the documentation provided. The Access Advisor also considers history and information gathered during interaction with the student.

To apply for either (or both) grants, you must meet with Accessibility Services to complete a Schedule 4 form, which is then submitted to the appropriate Financial Aid office.

Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE)

For those students who do not qualify for student loans or whose programs (e.g. Upgrading, Apprenticeship) do not qualify, funding for services and equipment is available through our office. Like the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment, IAE monies are used to offset exceptional education-related service and equipment costs, such as tutoring, academic strategy coaching, adaptive technology and training, and alternate formatting.

Additional funding information

For more information about funding and available grants and loans, visit these sites: