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Mia Cartwright

For 16 action-packed days in the spring of 2015, Mia Cartwright and her Business Administration classmates got to learn about global business practices in the best setting possible – from business owners and leaders in France, Italy and Spain. 

The students were part of an annual international study tour that helps students improve upon their awareness of these cultures and gain a greater knowledge of international business in the global marketplace. Cartwright, who grew up in Calgary, kept a journal during her time on the road and has shared the stories of what she saw as she took planes, trains, ships and busses during this innovative class experience. 

From Rome, Italy, she wrote: “After our tour of the Roman Coliseum (which was so much bigger than I expected), we continued on to learn of the Roman Forum and its importance to the financial centre of Rome. By the time we finished this part of the tour it was so hot out, we were all desperately in need of a lunch break. Did someone say Italian pizza? To date that was the BEST pizza I have had in my entire life.” 

Read more about her adventures online. 


It is an active way of learning, and it is a lot of fun.

Heidi Genesis


Heidi Genesis

“The hands-on work I have gotten to do at Lethbridge College is invaluable. It is an important way of learning, going a step further than just academia or theory. We have learned certain concepts – we see them in action and observe the effects as we experiment with various parts of the system. We also do research and read journal articles, but we use it to inform the process of our project. It is an active way of learning, and it is a lot of fun. 

“Another part of the project that is great – albeit not so ‘fun’ – is that I make mistakes. Although I can get frustrated at myself or discouraged sometimes, as our instructor says, that is how you learn and you won’t make that same mistake the next time. 

“It is actually a really important part of learning, and this is a safe environment in which to make those mistakes, so that I will be better skilled when I begin working outside of the school environment in the future.” 

Heidi Genesis was one of two college students who worked with their instructor and a Calgary-based water and environmental engineering consultant to develop a back-flush slow biosand filter that will remove pathogenic microorganisms from water, ensuring that it is safe for everyone to drink.



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