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There’s a lot of love for food in southern Alberta. That love starts with the region’s agricultural roots, and manySpring 2014 Cover of those who care most about what’s on our plates come from families who have been working this land for generations. That love continues on with newer arrivals to the region, those who are dedicated to providing fresh, local, quality products to their community – as well as some specialities from around the world.

The lives and work of many Lethbridge College students, staff and alumni revolve around food – including the chefs, writers and outstanding home cooks who are featured on the following pages.

But this group of food enthusiasts extends far beyond those whose stories are included in this issue. It also includes family farmers like Dave and Joanne Harris (Agricultural Mechanics 1992) of Harris Farms in Coaldale. Their Lethbridge Farmers’ Market stand always has a long line of devoted customers seeking their exceptional eggs and prized poultry, as well as pork and grass-fed and finished beef.

It includes the many business owners working to bring unique and local products to the community, including Cheryl Meheden and Ling Liu. Meheden is an instructor in the Business Administration program who created the Urban Grocer by transforming a historic local grocery store into an outlet for local food, gluten-free and organic products, and artisan snack foods and drinks. Liu (Business Administration 2009) opened up L.A. International Foods in Lethbridge in 2011 to bring high quality imported foods from different parts of the world as well as exceptional local products to her customers.

And it includes people like Cornelius Mans (Business Administration 2013), who grew up on an organic farm and now is a part owner of Galimax Trading, Inc., which supplies fresh produce to restaurants and stores in Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise.

For these and so many members of the Lethbridge College community, food is about more than sustenance. It’s even about more than a well-made meal. It’s a way of life, and it’s something to love.


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