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Those who called Cullen, 30th Ave. or Kodiak House home during their time at Lethbridge College say life in residence meant lifelong friends, instant community and the world’s easiest commute to classes. Wider Horizons asked some current Residence Life community members to reflect on what makes coming home to Lethbridge College so special. Here’s what they had to say:

Torii Muzyka

Third year, Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree

Living in residence is a great way for new and returning students to meet new friends and get involved on campus. Attending Residence Life events allows students to spend time with their peers in a different environment doing different activities. I really enjoy how friendly all of the residents are on campus – it has a really tight-knit community feeling. I also really enjoy having my own bedroom and being able to go to my own space at the end of the day.

Ashlyn Sissons

Second year, Criminal Justice – Policing diploma (with plans to continue in the Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree program)

What I believe is a great reason for students to choose residence is the sense of community and belonging it brings as a student on campus. Not only have I met so many people, but I have created meaningful bonds with those around me. A few examples that have come from this are dinner with our neighbours and roommates as well as the numerous Residence Assistant-run events that encourage socialization including the trivia night and arts and craft night.

Shaelin Westerson-Rabl

Residence Life Coordinator

There are so many benefits to living in residence, but some of the best benefits centre on the amazing opportunities living on campus provides for creating friendships and lifelong memories. Not only can students engage with others who live in residence, but living on campus also offers students an easier way to be involved in the greater campus community too. Our Residence Life office strives to support students to have a positive and memorable college experience.

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