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When I am at work and struggling to get started on a story, my go-to solution is to walk down the hall to the windows that overlook the play area where the daycare children are busy with their important and serious work of play.

Seeing these little ones collaborate, find inspiration, solve problems, laugh and occasionally make mistakes is usually just the thing I need to reset and return to my own work feeling refreshed and ready to go. The daycare kids are definitely working as they explore and create in their campus world. But they are also having fun as they do – and seeing them reminds me to do the same.

There is so much that is fun about my job here at the college – especially at Convocation time. This year, I had the thrill of watching one of my son’s childhood friends walk across the stage, with his mom in the front row, cheering him on as she has throughout his life. Because I am one of those behind-the-scenes people who help make Convocation happen, I got to sneak in and give him a hug and extra cheer right after he got his diploma.

But it wasn’t just this talented young man who made the day so special. It was also getting to cheer on a grad who had come back to the college to earn another credential, and who I had the pleasure of getting to know while writing her story in this magazine. It was being part of the standing ovation for this year’s valedictorian after her moving and important speech, an inspiring young person I met while writing a media release about her achievement. It was realizing every single new grad was ready to go out in the world and start having fun and making a difference in their own professions.

Making this magazine three times a year is definitely fun. Our team is constantly collaborating, finding inspiration, solving problems and laughing (and occasionally, just like the children, making mistakes) as we plan and prepare each issue, always looking for new ways to share the stories of the people who make Lethbridge College so great. One of those people we are proud of is featured in this issue: Matthew Primrose, a college grad and former Kodiaks volleyball player who spent last year playing his sport professionally in the U.S. and returned to teach and coach in the same classrooms and courts where he studied and played.

Matt seems to be having fun in both of his new roles, and the story of his path to the pros and back to the classroom inspires in all kinds of ways. This whole issue of Wider Horizons is focused on fun – serious fun. We’ve included some games, too (as an avid crossword puzzler, it has been a dream of mine to include one in the magazine – focused on college people, places and history, of course). And as always, we’ve packed in stories of amazing alumni and colleagues who, whether by choice or design, have found great fun in their lives and work, and who have some wisdom to share about the topic.

We hope you have fun reading this issue – and as always, we love hearing your feedback and ideas for future stories. Drop us a line at [email protected] – and thanks for playing along!

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Lisa Kozleski, Editor


Wider Horizons
By Lisa Kozleski, Editor
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