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Lethbridge College’s Heavy Duty Mechanics and Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician programs are both celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year – congratulations! Wider Horizons reached out to two students and an instructor and asked them to share their best memories of the place where they learned (or taught) how to repair, maintain and overhaul industrial equipment and heavy vehicles. Here’s what they had to say:

Lethbridge College’s Heavy Equipment space is great because it has plenty of machinery and tools that are up to date with the trade. The whole shop area is massive and kept clean. This creates a great learning environment for all apprentices, and it makes learning more enjoyable as well. My favourite project in the shop was rebuilding a Series 50 Detroit engine in second year.
Johnny Wiens
Third-year Heavy Equipment Technician apprentice

My classmates are great people and super fun to work with and talk to. The instructors are very good at trying to engage us in our work so that we are proud of what we are doing, which has been a very positive experience. My favourite lab project was probably when we got to take apart and put back together 13-speed transmissions - I had a ton of fun and also learned so much at the same time.
Carter Kusch
First-year Ag/Heavy Equipment Technician apprentice

It’s exciting working with the new technicians coming into the industry and being able to watch them progress forward in the trades and knowing I am a part of their success. It sure brings back fond memories I had while attending class as a student. I’ve been fortunate to be able to teach the first-year heavy duty technicians and all of the subject areas I like to teach – safety, hydraulics, electrical, air brakes and suspension systems. I look forward to what the future holds for the trades.
Brian Sorensen
Instructor, Heavy Duty/Automotives (Welding 1992, Automotive Services Technician 1996 and Heavy Duty Technician 1998)


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Lethbridge College’s Engineering Design Technology program is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Are you a grad of that program? If so, send us your stories about learning your design and drafting fundamentals by email to WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca or on social media by tagging @LethCollege and #LastWordLC, and we’ll share them in our next issue.

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