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Celebrating the Lethbridge College alumni who are building community and making their mark in memorable ways.

Casey Koyczan is a Tlicho Dene interdisciplinary artist from Yellowknife, who works with various mediums to communicate how culture and technology coincide with the political, economic and environmental challenges of the world. 

A portion of his large-scale installation work uses earth materials to evoke the idea of nature reclaiming architectural space and takes on many forms throughout site-specific locations. Inspired by sci-fi and the future, Casey also implements various techniques of interactivity, audio-video, virtual reality, 360 video and extended reality, and the engagement of the bodily senses within his creations. Casey says he chose to work as an interdisciplinary artist because it presented him with a lot of opportunities and ways to express himself. He is also a musician, video game developer, and 3D modeller.

 Casey was born in Yellowknife and moved with his father to Edmonton when he was seven. After a few years there, they moved to Whitehorse for his adolescence before moving to Lethbridge when he was 16. Casey completed high school at Winston Churchill High School, took a year off and worked in Lethbridge, then enrolled in the Multimedia Production program at Lethbridge College.

 Some of Casey’s favourite memories of the college include pulling all-nighters at the end of each semester with his classmates. “Sometimes we’d all take a break and have a LAN (Local Area Network) party game of Call of Duty or something like that where we could all play the same game and just have some fun for a bit before getting back to work,” he recalls. 

 After graduating from the college in 2003, Casey moved back to Yellowknife and worked for a few years, then moved to Kamloops to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. During his time as a student at Thompson Rivers University, Casey discovered sculpture and installation, which became his major. After graduation, Casey moved to Vancouver briefly before going back to Yellowknife for six years where he worked for the government and in multimedia positions. He is now based in Winnipeg and has participated in many residencies, exhibits, festivals and collaborations in Finland, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

 Casey says that culture, technology and the environment are intrinsically linked within the evolution of society. “We live day-to-day practising the teachings of our ancestors, while at the same time coexisting with the technological advances that are consistently developed every year,” he adds. “We have adapted to the use of these resources in order to develop a better understanding of where we come from, who we are, and what we will be in the future.”

 Casey completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Manitoba in the spring of 2021. His work can be viewed on his website (caseykoyczan.com), on Instagram (caseykoyczanart)  and on Facebook (caseykoyczanart).

Story by Sylvia Adam  |  photos courtesy Casey Koyczan


After featuring a story about a Lethbridge College grad who went on to earn a PhD in the fall issue of Wider Horizons, we asked for other grads who have gone on to earn advanced degrees to reach out and let us know.

We were thrilled to learn about Dr. Michael Paplawski, a 2008 grad of the Conservation Enforcement program who earned an MD and is only a few months away from completing his residency in New York as a surgeon. We were delighted to see the news about Dr. Robert Tanguay, a 2005 grad of the General Studies program, who is a psychiatrist and one of this year’s inductees into the University of Lethbridge’s Alumni Honour Society. And we were heartbroken to learn of the death of Dr. Philip Browne, a 1979 grad of the Renewable Resource Management program, who went on to become a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, and who delivered babies in Lethbridge for more than 17 years.

There are so many places a Lethbridge College credential can take you. Thanks to every single person who reaches out and lets us share a part of their journeys in these pages.



Alumni at Work – Precon Manufacturing

Precon Manufacturing Ltd. was founded in a small northside Lethbridge garage in 1980 by two friends working with one wooden pre-benched manhole form. Forty-one years later, Precon has grown into one of Western Canada’s most innovative manufacturers of underground precast concrete products, offering professionally engineered, customizable concrete structures that are used to control water flow, remove environmental waste and dissipate hydraulic energy.

County of Lethbridge has always been Precon’s home. After outgrowing several different northside facilities, the company built its current, specialized production facility just north of Coalhurst in 2008. With additional offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Precon now has a staff of 70 and counting. Every staff member at Precon is committed to its core values of safety, quality, innovation, and teamwork.

Remaining family-run has allowed Precon the opportunity to foster a rewarding relationship with Lethbridge College and its graduates. With 17 Lethbridge College alumni currently on staff, nine of whom are pictured, Precon sees the benefits of this relationship every day.

Carl Palad (Civil Engineering Technology (CET) 2018); Michelle VanderWal (Business Administration – Accounting 2004); Carrie Stevenson (EDDT 2014); Ryan Grant (EDDT 2018); Scott Lowry (EDDT 2013); Jeff Sparks (Geomatics Engineering Technology 2003); Tyler Aikema (Carpenter Apprentice 2012, Engineering Design and Draft Technology (EDDT) 2019); Peter Fehr (EDDT 2017); Andrew Beaton (EDDT 2008); Salmon Okunade (Computer Information Technology (CIT) 2020); Kyle Biddlecombe (Welder Apprentice 2009, Electrician Apprentice 2016); Max Clyke (Electrician Apprentice student); and Jesse Knutson (Electrician Apprentice).

Other grads who work at Precon not pictured: Cody Kibala (CET 1996); Art Lubin; Daniel Smee (Criminal Justice – Policing 2009), and Jennifer Rombough (Manufacturing Process Technologies 2001).

Together, Precon’s skilled staff members have created some of the most unique precast concrete structures in North America, some of which can be seen right here in Lethbridge. Believing in fostering up-and-coming talent, Precon offers co-op and new graduate opportunities for those looking to start their careers in a forward-thinking manufacturing environment, with the ultimate goals of creating better infrastructure, better water management and a better community.

In each issue, Wider Horizons and the Alumni Relations team feature area businesses that employ a large number of Lethbridge College grads. If you’d like your business showcased in a future issue, email WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca.

GRAD TO GRAD: Do you have the other caricatures in this set?

When Sherri Gallant (Communication Arts 1986) was going through some boxes in her closet this fall, she came across a couple of drawings she did upon the graduation of her cohort in 1986. One drawing shows Veryl Todd, former Advertising/PR and Radio Arts instructor holding aloft the coffee pot that brewed his life’s blood (Sherri adds: “my boyfriend at the time, the lovely and talented Roland Milligan, helped to draw the boots). The other shows the late Journalism instructor Georgia Fooks in barrister’s robes, which she wore to teach Communication Law. Georgia is holding a gavel in one hand and a book in the other, called the Dossier of Little Darlings, which is what she called her students.

“We had them framed and gave them as gifts when we graduated,” Sherri recalls. “When I saw them, I connected with Nic Milligan, my  friend and fellow ’86 grad, because he did the sketches of Richard Burke and D’Arcy Kavanagh. Nic checked, but he can’t find his originals. The missing link is still the drawing of Radio Arts Instructor, the late  Ian Mandin.” 

So Sherri connected with the Wider Horizons team and asked if her classmates remember the drawings, and if the artist who drew Ian might still have their copy. If so, Wider Horizons (and Sherri) would love to hear from you.

Just email WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca and we’ll share the discovery in a future issue. And if you have a question for your former classmates – or want to share a wonderful piece of LC memorabilia from your own archives – drop us a note. We’d love to feature your treasured item our pages.


The September opening of the Iissksiniip (Coming to Know and Learn) Coulee Walk brought crowds to campus to check out the new plant walk that highlights Blackfoot history. The walk, designed by traditional Blackfoot plant knowledge keeper and artist William Singer III (Api’soomaahka – Running Coyote), can be accessed on the south end of campus along the coulee’s edge. In the crowd at the opening were Singer’s brother, Tom Russell (Communication Arts 1988); sister Maria Russell, a member of Blood Tribe Council; niece Diandra Bruised Head (Renewable Resource Management 2016), also a member of Blood Tribe Council; and niece  Quincy Yellow Wings, a current Open Studies student at the college. Learn more about the Iissksiniip (Coming to Know and Learn) at learn.lc/plantwalk.



Peter Cann  
Educational Assistant
Peter says he is working full time at a great school.

Tannis Chartier
Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology
In the Spring 2021 issue of Wider Horizons, we featured a story on Tannis after she started a weekly program called Resilient Art YQL at the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen that encourages clients to express themselves by making art. Since then, the program has expanded to offer recreational opportunities to the soup kitchen’s clients, including movie nights, bingo events, card games and outdoor activities. Resilient Rec was recently featured in a story from CTV Calgary. Tannis graduated in May 2021 and is starting to work on her Therapeutic Recreation degree at the University of Lethbridge this fall; she also is working at the Vulcan Health Centre as a therapy assistant on a casual basis.

2021, 2019  
Keagan Floch    
Justice Studies , Criminal Justice – Policing
Keagan is working as a bylaw enforcement officer in Red Deer.

Loralee Klys
Medical Device Reprocessing
Loralee is working in the operating room at Chinook Regional Hospital.

Jaxon McGinn
Digital Communications and Media
Jaxon has been working as a local journalism initiative reporter for the Sunny South News since the summer. He reports on civic and community-related happenings in the communities of Lethbridge County. In the article, he says the work has been great but also a little tough. “I am very outgoing, but I am still kind of shy sometimes. Overall, my experience has been great at Sunny South. I hope for more skills I can gain via Sunny South and via my skills I learned from college.”

Sabahat Nazim   
Administrative Office Professional
Sabahat has enrolled in Master of Health Services Management program at the University of Lethbridge.

Leanne Neilson
Practical Nursing
Leanne says shortly after the end of her practicum, she was hired to work as an LPN.


Christalee Brotnov  
Educational Assistant
Christalee is working as a  classroom educational assistant in a Grade 2 classroom.

Toby Drozdz
Digital Communications and Media    
Toby told the Alumni office: “I have now been at my social media coordinator position at Redcliff Bakery for about six months now. I have also picked up part time/casual positions as a marketing associate at J&M Roofing and as a social media specialist at Redcliff Family  Dental Centre.”

Dawn Gale   
Business Administration - Marketing
Dawn started working for Alberta Health Services as an administrative support person scheduling the staff.

2020, 2019  
Tyhanna Hankins
Justice Studies, Correctional Studies   
Tyhanna is employed by the Government of Saskatchewan as a permanent, full-time probation officer, working in Northern Saskatchewan.

Tyler Hay
Digital Communications and Media
Tyler started work as the new editor of the Ladysmith Chronicle in B.C. in September. He ended up there after starting Oceanside News in Parksville with fellow graduate Kevin Forsyth. His welcome to the community said: “My love of storytelling began with photography in the Alberta foothills and shifted to writing and reporting during my time studying digital journalism at Lethbridge College. After a year covering news in Parksville and Qualicum Beach, I am excited to bring my experience and skills to Ladysmith. I believe a community newspaper should be filled with quality local content that reflects its unique readers. Expect to see me around town covering all the town’s exciting, scary and important stories and if you have a story to share please do not hesitate to contact me. My other passions aside from news include sailing, music and reading. I can often be found working on my boat or sitting around with a good book.”

Kelsey O’Donnell    
Digital Communications and Media    
Kelsey just earned a Bachelor’s in Professional Communications degree from Royal Roads University and is working as a marketing coordinator.


Lauren Arp  
Criminal Justice - Policing
Lauren told the Alumni office that she is working with the Commissionaires in Red Deer while waiting on brain surgery.

Lizzie Crowchild
Business Administration - Management    
Lizzie moved to Calgary to work in the oil and gas industry after spending two years in family and children’s services industry.

Baylee DeCecco  
Child and Youth Care    
Baylee is working in a school as an educational assistant F.P Walshe in Fort Macleod.

Charlene Kitt   
Administrative Office Professional  
Charlene told the Alumni office: “Right out of college, I took a maternity leave position with a couple financial advisors with Sunlife Financial. Then COVID hit, and that ended. I then started working for a family siding business in the office and now do payroll and admin in the company. I also continue to run my own small salon business creating beautiful nails. I hope to one day be in the office of the school district.”

Layne Kostyniuk
Criminal Justice - Policing
Layne is gaining related work experience while exploring new post secondary opportunities.

Sarah Lencucha  
Administrative Office Professional  
Sarah is working as the administrative assistant at École St. Mary School in Lethbridge.

Jamie Savage
Child and Youth Care    
Jamie is working as a preschool teacher at the Taber Child Care Centre.

Navdeep Sharda  
Criminal Justice - Policing
Navdeep is studying Criminology at Griffith University and working as a  loss prevention officer/executive protection officer.

Anna Walker
Exercise Science    
Anna is working at F45, an in-home personal training company, and went back to school to earn a Holistic Nutrition diploma.

Omar Almallah   
Computer Information Technology
Omar is working as a system analyst/software quality analyst in the financial technology industry, and moved to B.C. after spending five years in Lethbridge.

Cassidy Gallagher   
Exercise Science    
Cassidy is attending Mount Royal University working toward a degree in Health and Physical Education with a major in Athletic Therapy.

Jennifer Henderson  
Educational Assistant
Jennifer is working full-time as an educational assistant.

Tiffany Trinh   
Nursing (NESA)  
Tiffany wrote the Alumni office, saying: “I am currently working as a Registered Nurse on pediatrics. It’s definitely getting hard now as more kids are getting sick with COVID/respiratory illnesses and more procedures for these kids are getting delayed due to the fourth wave. However, I love taking care of infants and toddlers; they sure make my job worthwhile. I am also attending the University of Lethbridge working on my master’s in nursing!”


Juhyoung Park   
Computer Information Technology
Juhyoung transferred to the University of Lethbridge.


Susanna Roulston    
Business Administration - Accounting    
Susanna told the Alumni office: “After graduation, I transferred to the University of Lethbridge to complete my Human Resource Management and Labour Relations degree. I am also currently working at the university in the Career Bridge: Centre for Work-Integrated Learning and Career Development office as the My Experience Transcript Advisor.”


Sabine Semmelrock   
Engineering Design and Drafting Technology  
Sabine told the Alumni office she is “running my own business, designing and building stuff.”


Michelle Ellert
Office Administration   
Michelle told the Alumni office: “Shortly after graduation, I began working at the University of Lethbridge. I have been working in the Registrar’s Office for  over seven years now, as a Student Records Assistant.”


Michael Bartz
Exercise Science
Michael recently won a Telus Storyhive contest to produce a six-part podcast and was featured in an article in the Lethbridge Herald. The article states:
“Telus Storyhive grant winner Michael Bartz is ready to premiere his six-part podcast Over my Head, in which he talks to experts about reducing human impact on the environment. The podcast focuses on Bartz’s own efforts as the builder and occupier of a ‘tiny home’ that he constructed and his discussions with experts about whether he is actually making a difference and what can be done on a broader scale to reduce mankind’s environmental footprint.”

Candice Crapo
Office Administration   
Candice works as an administrative assistant in the Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences at Lethbridge College.


Wyatt Norn
Business Administration - Marketing
Wyatt reports that he is the president and co-founder of Breadmaker Productions Inc., a live performance and media company based in Calgary that celebrates creators and enhances the human experience through art.


Taryn Fogtmann  
Business Administration - Accounting    
Taryn is working as an account technician at Lethbridge Iron.

Jurrai Nadeau   
Criminal Justice - Policing
Jurrai told the Alumni office: “Since graduating I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University in 2013. From there, I moved home and have worked as a correctional officer at Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Prince Albert. I am an active member on the Crisis Negotiation Team and am also the CPR and First Aid instructor for all staff. After eight years, something I thought would be a stepping-stone has me realizing how much I enjoy my job.”


Amanda Fraser   
Criminal Justice - Policing
Amanda is working as a dispatcher for Calgary Transit public safety.

Katt Panic
Fashion Design and Marketing
Photo by Jaime Vedres, courtesy Katt Panic
Katt was featured in a September article in the Lethbridge Herald celebrating her work as a makeup artist for Alberta’s film and television industry. Katt, who runs Katt Panic Makeup Art and Design in Lethbridge, has worked full-time since May in the film and TV industry. Most of the work she has been doing involves historical productions, she says. “You really choose your career over a lot of other things,” she told the Herald. “I’ll be putting dirt on people or blood on people or whatever I’m doing that day and I’ll be like ‘I’m making money and this is my job.’ This is pretty fricking cool. It’s a pretty colourful career.”


Ashley Cesar
Practical Nursing   
Ashley was recently named the vice president of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta.

Corynn Hubick   
Communication Arts - Advertising and Public Relations   
Corynn told the Alumni office: “After graduation, I pursued a Communications degree with Athabasca University and worked in non-profit communications and corporate communications while finishing my degree. In 2011, I moved back to Saskatchewan to work as a communications consultant with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region in a variety of roles from technology communications, to acting director of communications while leading a local team to amalgamate into a new organization, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). During the COVID-19 pandemic, I supported the Emergency Operation Centre communications and co-lead vaccine communications. After 10 years, I recently moved to Strategy and Innovation to support large-scale change and strategy to support the SHA’s pandemic efforts.”

Nicole Meyer-Featherstone   
Correctional Studies    
Nicole is working as a Registered Canadian Art Therapist in private practice.


Tina Karst
Communication Arts
Tina was named the Best Anchor or Reporter – Medium Market as part of the Canadian Radio Awards in November. This honour is given to an individual who demonstrates excellence in their ability to present news with clarity and credibility, including but not limited to live, breaking news, special events, and continuing coverage.  Judging was based  on presentation, creativity, ingenuity, and demonstrated ability to respond and pivot to bring emerging stories to air.

Robert Tanguay
General Studies
Robert was one of six people inducted into the University of Lethbridge’s Alumni Honour Society in 2021. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Lethbridge
in 2008 and today, he works as a psychiatrist trained in the areas of addiction medicine and pain medicine, making him one of very few nationwide with both specialties. Most recently, Robert helped found and is the chief medical officer/vice-president of The Newly Institute. This project aims to revolutionize how people access treatment and move forward from addiction. Addressing trauma and making it OK for people to get help is key to Robert’s vision of recovery.


Tracy Park  
Communication Arts - Advertising and Public Relations   
Tracy worked in marketing in Lethbridge until 2013 when she had her first kids. She is now a stay-at-home mom of four and runs an Etsy shop selling printable designs such as cards and home décor.

Scott Walker
Recreation Facility Maintenance and Management
Scott recently sent this update to the Alumni office: “My program was so beneficial to my career and because of it, I became employable right away in recreation, and I am very thankful
to say that I am still in the recreation field nearly 20 years later. Because of this program, I was able to step into a management and recreation director role right after college, which I have held for the past 17 years. I’ve spent the last nine of those working as the director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Wainwright. My wife and two kids love living in Wainwright and I still have a burning passion for recreation and providing services and programs for this wonderful community and now to have my kids and their friends utilize them makes it that much more special.

“The hands-on professional training I received from Lethbridge College in partnership with the AARFP is a huge reason why I have been successful and able to stay in recreation and municipal government for this long. Our main professor, Mike Hastings, was one of the most amazing men I have ever met. I have great memories of the college and city. I met many great people during my time in Lethbridge and still stay in touch with a few from my class regularly. It is my hope that Lethbridge College could bring back a program like this in the future, so my kids and people of this generation get the same type of great hands-on learning that I received and benefited from. Recreation is a very worthwhile and rewarding career, and I am very proud to come to work everyday and do what I love, and I owe Lethbridge College a great deal of credit for that.”


Ryan Harker
Civil Engineering Technology    
After graduation, Ryan started working with Lafarge in Edmonton and was  with them for 15 years. He has spent the last eight years with TC Infrastructure Services in Sherwood Park as a manager.

Diane Morin
Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology
Diane has been working at Edith Cavell since graduation.

Chelsea Wall    
Administrative Office Professional  
Chelsea told the Alumni office: “After graduating from Lethbridge College, I started a successful career as an office administrator, leading into a rewarding career as a real estate assistant. In 2013, I started my own business offering online administrative support services, and just this past June, I opened a community and resource centre called The Collective. We receive a physical copy of Wider Horizons at The Collective and have the latest copy available for our guests to peruse!”


Annette Bruised Head
Renewable Resource Management
Annette was featured in a City News story in November about her work to keep the Blackfoot language alive. With help from a grant from the provincial government, she created a website called Mioohpokoiiksi: Stories and Games for our Children.


Kevin Althouse  
Renewable Resource Management   
Kevin worked with the Canada Border Services off and on from 1997 to 2004, and then was hired as a constable with the Lethbridge Police Service. He says he retired with a disability in 2016.


Andrew Coulson  
Criminal Justice - Policing
Andrew is finishing up 25 years with the Edmonton Police Service.


Ray Pillipow
Renewable Resource Management   
Ray works as a resource manager for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations in B.C., working in fish and wildlife management.


Kam Heng Ng
Culinary Careers    
Chef Heng worked at Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff and then instructed at Lethbridge College until he retired in 2019.


Monica Dahl
Fish and Wildlife Technology    
Monica works for Alberta Environment and Parks in the planning branch, working on caribou sub-regional plans.


Margo Lee   
Criminal Justice - Policing
Margo told the Alumni office she is just about 30 years into her career with Manitoba Corrections, “and I would never have succeeded without the guidance of Ian Hepher at LCC!”


Doug Overes
Professional Cooking, Distinguished Alumnus
Chef Doug, who is chair of the School of Culinary Arts at Lethbridge College, received a lifetime achievement award for the Canadian Culinary Federation this fall. According to Chef Ryan Marquis, Chef Doug was honoured in recognition of his years of mentoring young chefs in the region; because his accomplishments and awards are on a national as well as international stage; and in gratitude for his years of leadership as president on a branch level as well as his dedication on the national board level. Chef Doug currently serves as chairman of the board of the Canadian Culinary Federation and branch president of Culinary Federation Lethbridge.


Debra Savidant  
Debra is working as a nursing manger for Alberta Health Services as part of the south zone’s Integrated Quality Management Team.


Kenneth Bailey  
Environmental Science   
Kenneth says he has built a career in wildlife biology and journalism.

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