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  1. Large ovens allow the student chefs to bake multiple items at a time
  2. Dough proofers, used in baking to encourage fermentation of dough by yeast through warm temperatures and controlled humidity
  3. Doughnut-cutting, and regular rolling pins
  4. Fresh baking – truffles!
  5. Flours for every occasion
  6. Scales for weighing ingredients
  7. Rotating rack ovens, which are capable of injecting steam for baking
  8. Chef Doug Overes and Chef Amanda Kawchuk have been training future bakers in the Baker Apprenticeship program
  9. Industrial-strength mixers
  10. Laptop loaded with recipes to project to apprentice bakers during class

Sometimes plans are like quick breads. You get an idea, you bring together the ingredients and – poof! – you achieve your goal in no time flat. Other plans are like yeast breads. You get an idea, you bring together the ingredients, you wait, you work some more, you wait, you work some more and – poof! – you achieve your goal…eventually.

Chef Doug Overes, C.C.C. (Professional Cooking 1987; Distinguished Alumnus 1992), describes the process of creating the college’s new Baker Apprenticeship program as more like making a baguette than banana bread. The effort took several years and the support of local industry looking to hire Red Seal bakers but, in 2018, Overes oversaw the launch of the first year of the three-year program.

During the summer of 2019, using existing funds and space, the college created a new bakery for students to learn the tricks of the baking trade. With Chef Doug teaching the year two courses, Chef Amanda Kawchuk (Culinary Careers 2009) joined the team this fall to teach year one. The third and final year is planned (pending government approval) for 2020.

The Baker Apprenticeship is delivered through the provincial Weekly Apprenticeship Training System, where students work full-time in the industry and attend class just one day a week. Interested in learning more? Email [email protected] or call 403-320-3245 – or just stop by the Culinary Market on campus to purchase the day’s delicious baking lesson.

Wider Horizons
Story by Lisa Kozleski / Photo by Rob Olson
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