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“Testifying” in the campus courtroom is one of the most vivid memories for many of our Criminal Justice alumni. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the experience:


The Last Word - Jenna.jpg Jenna Dunne (Criminal Justice – Policing 2019)

Currently enrolled in Lethbridge College’s Bachelor of Applied Arts in Justice Studies program

Despite the nerves, the confidence I gained from presenting in the courtroom was robust. I arrived to every court class prepared, ready to present, willing to work with my colleagues, and excited to watch the court case unfold. I loved this class so much… and now I actually mentor the year below me! The best advice I can give for students entering this class is to remember that as scary as presenting can be, the mock courtroom opens so many opportunities and prepares them for the real world in law enforcement.



The Last Word - Tony.jpg Sergeant Tony Andrews (Law Enforcement 1984)

Certified threat assessor with the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security; retired from Lethbridge Police Service

I have assisted instructor Murray Bartley for the past five years in the scenario-based mock courtroom and I have to say that based on my 34 years of criminal justice experience, it is a true representation of the real thing. The most remarkable thing I found, without exception, is how nervous the students are in testifying or acting as Crown or defence counsel. It was exactly the way I felt the first time I had to testify (more specifically, I was absolutely petrified). The mock court is an invaluable real-life, occupation-specific exercise you cannot learn in a book.



The Last Word - Chelsea.jpg

Chelsea Barkman (Criminal Justice – Policing 2019)

Currently enrolled in Lethbridge College’s Bachelor of Applied Arts in Justice Studies program

The Courtroom Procedures class has brought me some of my best memories here at the college. I was truly surprised with how much work needs to go into a trial. Everyone has to play different roles and has different responsibilities. I also learned a great deal of new knowledge – new terminology, different laws and the different procedures within the court system. This course definitely puts you outside of your comfort zone, while also boosting your confidence. It brought me new insights and skills that I now use in my everyday life.



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Learning in the SPHERE lab

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