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Three of the brightest smiles a visitor to Lethbridge College’s campus might see on a given day come from members of the same family – and one with many connections to Lethbridge College. Visitors are likely to encounter Tisa Duda in the Food Court, where she is a food services worker who listens and encourages students throughout the ups and downs of their academic years. Her husband, Shayne, can be found anywhere on campus that needs a carpenter or locksmith. And during busy times, their daughter Cortnie will be there in the Food Court working with her mom and the rest of the supportive Culinary team.

“It’s a very nice environment here,” says Tisa, who after leaving a career in banking came to work at the college in 2012. “I really like the college. People are happy here – and the students are so friendly, and they're happy to be here.”

It was a big change from banking, and a welcome one – especially because of the chance to build relationships with students, which Tisa says is one of the best parts of her job. “I’ve had deeper conversations with some students over the years.

There was one girl who was pregnant and struggling one day trying to balance everything. She just ended up talking with me about it while I was making her sandwich.”

Tisa left her with encouraging words as well as her lunch. “And then after the baby was born, she came into campus specifically just to show me her new baby,” Tisa recalls with a smile. “It was just really cool.”

Both Tisa and Shayne are grads of the college, and Cortnie has taken the sign language class offered by Corporate and Continuing Education. Shayne’s projects vary widely, but one that he is proud of was a desk he made by hand for the President’s Office, as well as a curved desk he made for the boardroom.

Shayne says that he enjoys working at the college because “it’s something different every day. It’s very familiar. You get to know a lot of people. In my position, working with different departments, you get to know people quite a bit.” One of his favourite places to work is the college daycare, where the youngest members of the Lethbridge College community are always happy to see him. Cortnie agrees that the people make the job. “It’s fun being able to interact with people my age,” she says. “And I love the people I work with. It's usually a very happy and welcoming and uplifting place. When I come here, everyone has a smile on their face.”


The DUDA Family

Shayne Duda

Carpentry apprenticeship 2000. Shayne has worked in Facilities at the college as a carpenter since July 2002 and as the college’s locksmith since 2018.

Tisa Duda

Fashion Design student 1989-90; Information Specialist 1991. After a successful career with Scotiabank, Tisa came to the college in 2012 as a food services worker.

Cortnie Duda

Sign Language courses through Corporate and Continuing Education 2019. Cortnie, who works full-time as an educational assistant at Park Meadows Elementary School, has been working at the college on a casual basis in food services since 2017.

Photo caption (left to right): Nate Duda (Tisa and Shayne’s son); Tisa Duda; Shayne Duda; Cortnie Duda; and Ryan Cave (Cortnie’s fiancé).

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Wider Horizons
Story by Lisa Kozleski | Photo by Alisa Presakarchuk
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