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wh-wn19-spotlight-jessica-inline.png Jessica Quarterman is Lethbridge College’s recruitment and events coordinator and has worked at the college for three years. She graduated from the Communication Arts Print Journalism program in 2011 and the Advertising and Public Relations program in 2012. She recently wrote and released a children’s book, Remy: A Rescue Dog’s Story, illustrated by Shelley Michaud.

What is your greatest passion outside work?

My dogs. They are my children at this point. My dog Loki competes in flyball, which is a dog sport. My other dog Cooper is just very energetic and requires a lot of attention and exercise. I also volunteer with a dog rescue here in Lethbridge. I help to coordinate adoptive homes for the dogs in foster and foster dogs as well.

How many dogs have you fostered?

Over the past three years, 15 dogs.

What’s the best thing we can learn from dogs?


Can you tell us a little bit about the pup with you in the picture?

This is Zeke, a four-month-old mix breed foster puppy from Misty Creek Dog Rescue who has since found a home.

Where can we get a copy of your book?

From me on campus at TE1220A or on Amazon and Indigo.

Any plans for future books (as future foster dogs seem pretty likely)? Will Remy’s adventures continue?

I have lots of ideas for future books but as of right now this is the only one. Once this one has been out for a while, I’ll see how it goes and decide whether to continue his story.

Wider Horizons
By Lisa Kozleski, Editor
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