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wh-wn19-spotlight-allen-inline.png Allen Ledyit, a social worker by training, joined Lethbridge College 11 years ago to teach in the Child and Youth Care program. He also serves as the research and development lead for the college’s mental health grant project, which is focused on providing non-clinical mental health supports and services to students. “People from all over campus are taking the lead,” he says. “We’re recognizing, as Lethbridge College, all of us, how important mental health is.”

What’s one thing you wish everyone on campus knew about mental health and wellness?:

It applies to everyone. We’re very aware of how important our physical health is. Everybody joins a gym or they go on diets. . . but we’re just starting to recognize how important our mental health is and that it needs at least as much attention. Like physical health, we usually only pay attention when it breaks down on us.

Favourite space on campus:

My office. My students always comment about how Zen-like it feels.

Favourite space off campus:


The best way for you to relax and de-stress:

One of my favourite ways is going to the movies.

The one movie you could watch again and again:

Forrest Gump.

Favourite comfort food:

Steak. I’m a meatatarian. It’s a life choice.

Wider Horizons
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