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We asked our alumni to tell us their best Barn stories – from beers to boots in the rafters. Boy did they have a lot to say (not all of which can be printed in a family magazine!).

Here’s a sampling of the best of the Barn:



I got to DJ the last event ever put on by the LCSA there – the Winter Formal of January 2015. Nothing prepared me for the night I was about to face. For some reason, all the usual hangouts were closed that night, so once the doors opened… mayhem ensued. To top it all off, we had a group of people in dinosaur onesies raid the place. That made my night!

Brandon McGraw
(Digital Communications and Media 2018)




The Barn was a big part of student life for me. It’s where we unwound and met people in other programs. I remember my first cabaret - Halloween - dressed as a bumblebee, and how fun it was. After classes some days I’d get my boys from the college daycare and over we’d go to The Barn, dodging grasshoppers along the way through a field that’s no longer there. Cabarets, air bands, movie nights and barbecues were the bow atop the gift of my formal education. Good memories!

Sherri Gallant
(Communication Arts 1986)




The Barn was THE place to be every weekend. Cabarets at The Barn were always a hot ticket, not just for students but for other members of the community. Drinks flowed freely and the dance floor was always packed. The bands that the LCSA brought in were always top notch entertainment. One of the most memorable bands that I recall seeing was a group out of Saskatoon by the name of “Nick Danger” – which featured a very young guitar whiz by the name of Colin James.

Byron Lee
(Business Administration – Marketing 1976)

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There’s no “I” in team

Did you bring home an ACAC banner? Create an intramural team? Make the game-winning score or cheer for your friends from the bleachers? Send us the story (100 words max) of your most memorable Kodiaks moments – whether as an athlete or fan – and any photos that might be floating around. We’ll share a sampling with readers in our Spring issue.

Just email WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca. You can also share your stories socially by tagging @LethCollege and #LastWordLC. We can’t wait to read your submissions!

Wider Horizons
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