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  1. Cortnie Duda, a food services worker, stocks the teas.
  2. Soups and smoothies are available every day.
  3. The space was designed to echo the look and feel of the new Founders’ Square across the hall.
  4. Gift cards are available – and provide a discount on purchases.
  5. Chef Mark Dieser, who has worked at the college since August 2000, prefers the “Bad Coffee” blend – taken black.
  6. Coffee – provided by Cuppers Coffee in Lethbridge – is a hot commodity in the new market.
  7. Melvin Ariza, a first year student in the Culinary Careers program, grabs a freshly baked pastry.
  8. Coffee lovers can choose from three brews – “Bad Coffee” (which is oh-so-good), a seasonal brew, and a special brew created just for the college.
  9. The nearby Food Court still offers hot meals and more.
  10. Visitors can also buy fresh fruit and veggies or select prepared salads and sandwiches.

Students, staff and visitors to Lethbridge College have a new option for snacking between classes, grabbing a quick lunch or savouring a late afternoon coffee – they can simply stop by the new Culinary Market that opened in the fall, just across from Founders’ Square in the Andrews Building. Chef Mark Dieser, the college’s food and beverage manager, led the three-year collaborative effort to create and open the market, working with the entire Culinary team, Interior Design Technology instructor Cherie Reitzel and other college departments to make the dream of it a reality.

The Culinary Market is an ideal place to experience the classroom creations of all Culinary students, including those in the college’s new Baking Apprenticeship program. The students will also continue to showcase their cooking and baking in the Food Court and the Garden Court Restaurant. To learn more about the new Baking program, email [email protected] or call 403-320-3245. And be sure to check out the new Culinary Market in person during your next campus visit.

Wider Horizons
Photo by Rob Olson
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