Wider Horizons

Lethbridge College launched a new brand campaign in September, one that captures in words and in images the authentic moments that reflect teaching excellence, innovative programming, student life, and varsity and academic success. The coulees behind the college – whether experienced in the green of summer or the icy blues and purples of winter – as well as southern Alberta’s chinooks inspired some of the visual imagery, including the distinctive arch graphic.

The new brand demonstrates the essence of Lethbridge College: that we are ready, and we know that what happens next matters most. It is also a way to use words and images that illustrate how the people at Lethbridge College – students, employees, alumni, partners and friends – are confident, proud, adaptive and supportive. To read the brand story, go to www.lethbridgecollege.ca/our-brand-story.













Wider Horizons
Photo by Gregory Thiessen
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