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Raised at the 27th annual Clayton Allan Wine Auction in November. Funds raised went to support future changes in the Andrews Building (including Culinary).


Empire Homes, a high-end, low-volume, custom home builder based in Lethbridge, along with its suppliers, tradespeople and building team, announced this donation to the college as part of The College Home partnership in October.


Total amount The College Home project has raised in its first four years in this unique partnership between the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Lethbridge Region and the college.


Participants in the college’s 34th annual golf tournament far surpassed the organizing committee’s ambitious goal of raising $60,000 for the college’s 60th anniversary. The proceeds support new student awards.


Thanks to new provincial funding announced on campus in September, these funds will provide increased access to mental health for students through March 2019.


The Centre for Applied Research and Innovation secured this grant to work toward developing a zero-waste food production platform based on microfiltration and nutrient recycling designed to provide the highest yield output for a vertical farming aquaponics system in a greenhouse space.

Wider Horizons
Wider Horizons
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