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Sandra DufresneSandra Dufresne
Development Officer

“I prefer outdoor winter activities to summer ones, actually. The feel of the cold on my face (and in my lungs) is exhilarating!

“The scenery makes it all worthwhile. I love sunny blue skies and grey snowy days equally. I skied as a child and a teen with my family but, like many, stopped when the ski tab became mine. After my daughters started skiing and had their own gear, I quickly grew tired of spending the day in the chalet. After a 22-year hiatus, one day I rented skis and fell in love with it again. The next day I went and bought my gear and have been skiing with them, and a few friends, for the past four seasons. I’m especially grateful that I am able to ski with my girls and share this activity with them.”

Wider Horizons
Lethbridge College
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