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“Playing in the snow provides a unique experience that is quite different than the other seasons. It also changes the landscape dramatically. It’s like living in a whole new place; nothing like a fresh dusting of snow to clean things up – bright and white!”

Spending time outdoors in the winter “does the body good and it keeps me outdoors at a time when it’s easy to hibernate. Years ago when I lived in the Northwest Territories, there was a saying that people used that was translated from the Norwegians: ‘There is no such thing as cold weather, just inappropriate dress!’ People can have lots of fun in the cold if they are appropriately dressed.

“A perfect day on the slopes for me can be many different days for I love all forms of alpine skiing. There is the perfect powder day with 30+ cm of light snow, -10 temperature, the feeling of floating in fresh tracks, the quietness of nature (especially in the glades), and going anywhere you want…because you can!”

Wider Horizons
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