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Karen MikadoKaren Mikado
Nursing 1993
Practical Nursing Instructor

“I love winter activities because they are just as exhilarating as summer sports. There’s something to be said about overcoming the first few minutes of cold just as I start a run or step onto the slopes. As soon as my body warms up, I feel as though I’m alive and living well in the moment. I honestly don’t even notice if it’s winter or summer when I’m enjoying my run or ski session so much. The effort of layering and facing the cold is worth it every time. When I run in the winter I never overheat, so I can actually run farther when it’s cool. A perfect winter run includes a blue sky and a cool temperature (anywhere from zero to five below is nice). I like it when I can see my breath and the snow is packed on the ground. When there is snow, it muffles sound and my steps are softer and more cushioned. Running on snow is very peaceful.”

Wider Horizons
Lethbridge College
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