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Karen Harker skiingKaren Harker
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“I love the connection with nature in all seasons, but winter brings a special connection. Sounds – the quiet of snow falling straight down, the sound of the crunch of snow underfoot, building snowmen and snow forts with kids and the hot chocolate afterwards, the beauty of everything white. . . (oh yeah, and then the wind comes).

“Skiing in powder snow is exhilarating. And what a connection to nature through our senses. It’s the sound of the snow swooshing over my shoulders and getting in my face when it’s deep enough, the tingle of the cold, wet snow on my skin and how snug I feel with my hood pulled up and my goggles on – even on a windy day, the absolute beauty of the world around me, and the camaraderie as we stop briefly at the end of a run and say, ‘That was amazing and let’s do it again.’ Once a person learns to ski in powder snow, it is highly addictive!”

Wider Horizons
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