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“Doing winter activities outdoors refreshes my mind, helps me to feel alive, and increases my appreciation for the beauty that is winter as a full-body experience. I typically don’t wear all too many layers, but the layers that I do wear count! I love the feeling of the chill on my body. The effort it takes to accomplish a hike in snowshoes or cross country skis is completely worth the workout – the whole body experience of the elements that surround me, and the feeling of floating on land.

“A perfect day in the woods would be 80 per cent clear with a few puffed clouds. Crisp air and soft fluffy snow. No wind. It would start early with the sun rising as we start our trek. The sun would rise high and I would need to shed my heavy layers and enjoy the crisp feeling of the air against my face and the mild sweat from my brow would almost freeze on my forehead, just enough to keep me cool. The day would be filled with warmth from th

Wider Horizons
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