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Candace Lewko“Being outdoors is freeing. I just soak in all the sunshine, no matter the season. I like the feel of the snow, the softness of it; it is like a big blanket of white. Being outdoors in the prairie winter makes your body feel different, too. It makes you feel alert and attentive. It is rejuvenating.

“A perfect day on the slopes is a powder snow day. The type of snow we get at Castle Mountain, where I ski the most, is called Cold Smoke. It is a light, fluffy, dry snow. It feels like you are skiing on a cloud! You definitely need to wear powder snow skis that day. The feeling is like floating on water, surfing on snow. My snowboard friends call this type of day dreamy. They always go screaming by me, shouting YAHOO! at the top of their lungs.

“I love the sunshine on the slopes during February. You can see everything: the green of the pines, the giant boulders jutting out of the mountain range, the dimensions of the slopes, the clear blue sky and, of course, the best part – ginormous moguls!”

Candace Lewko

Curriculum and Instructional Design Specialist, Educational Enhancement Team

Wider Horizons
Lethbridge College
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