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Darrel BohleDarrel Bohle- Bel-Aire Welding

As a 1983 graduate of the college’s welding program, Darrel Bohle knew trades was his passion. Equipped with the knowledge and skills the college’s technical training provided him, he began his business, Bel-Aire Welding. After 18 years, his passion still brings him success, and he is confident trades are a rewarding industry to enter. “The effects of the recession are critical,” says Bohle. “There have been quite a few budget cuts.”

He also says it’s hard to find skilled workers at times due to a few factors. “Skilled trades’ people are rare because training is costly and sometimes it’s difficult to find people who are interested.” But, he says, recession or not, skilled people are always necessary. “There will forever be a demand for skilled workers in the industry, and I think workers are most critical now.”


Cam MandelCam Mandel- Taber Diesel

After Cam Mandel graduated from the college’s Heavy Duty Mechanics program in 1984, it didn’t take him long to start his own business: Taber Diesel. Today, that business is celebrating its 25th year, and despite the recession, Mandel believes when it comes to training for the trades, the time is now.

“We have had an acute shortage for the last five years,” says Mandel. “This was due to the pull from the oil and gas industry that we just could not compete against.” Mandel says despite the economic slowdown, the industry will need skilled workers in the near future.

“My training at Lethbridge College was instrumental in my success,” says Mandel. “This is a perfect time for newcomers to train. When the economy makes the turn, those people with the skills will be the first hired and will be able to command better pay. “A lot of the older techs are going to be retiring in the next five years and there will continue to be a demand for skilled trained techs.”

Wider Horizons
Christina Boese (Communication Arts 2008)
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