Wider Horizons

I have lived on three continents, in three provinces and in 19 different residences that I could call home. As a result, if you asked me if home was a place or a feeling, I would have to tell you that home is where you belong.

In the world of athletics, a home court advantage is real – although of course it doesn’t ensure victory. But the advantage comes from that field, court or track being familiar and safe, where there are supporters on the sidelines to encourage and motivate you, cheering you on.

Belonging is a key element in our work here at Lethbridge College. And it’s not just a word, but a characteristic that came through over and over as we talked with the community about who we are and what we do. These conversations shaped our new vision — Preparing Learners. Shaping Communities — and our new mission captures the idea that students, employees and partners look to Lethbridge College for learning, opportunity, and yes, belonging.

I have been told by many new employees they felt that sense of belonging as soon as they joined the college community, and I had the very same feeling when I arrived. Our new students feel that when they get here, too, and our graduating students tell us that coming back to campus is like coming home.

What is it about our college that the feeling of belonging is so pervasive and prevalent? I firmly believe it’s the underlying care that we have for each other, whether we are students, employees, alumni or friends. Whatever the next years and decades hold for our institution, we must retain this commitment to caring. It is a responsibility we all have to each other.

As the poet Maya Angelou wrote: “The ache for home lives in all of us.” It’s a desire of the human condition. We long to belong. And we celebrate that so many find that sense of belonging – of being home – at Lethbridge College.

Wider Horizons
By Dr. Brad Donaldson
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